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Lift Truck Training

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 Forklift Training Durations

  FLT Training Durations .        
  Forklift Types .   Novice Delegates - Who is classed as a novice delegate?
    A novice delegate is somebody who has no, or little experience on the machine.
  FLT Training Links .   When judging experience, you should consider the previous ability of steering,
  FLT Training Law .   use of hydraulic controls and overall previous experience of forklift operating.
  Course Requirements .  

1 Novice = 3 days          2 Novice's = 4 days          3 Novice's = 5 days

  Delegate Requirements .        
    Existing Delegates - Who is classed as an experienced delegate?
  About Us .   An existing delegate is somebody who has been carrying out full duties of a
  Other Training .   forklift operator, they should be capable of steering the machine and comfortable
  Make an Enquiry .   using the machine's hydraulic controls.
  Contact Us .        

1 Experienced = 2 days     2 Experienced = 3 days      3 Experienced = 3 days

  Pre Use Checks .


  Seat Belts on Forklifts .

  Refresher Delegates - Who is classed as a refresher delegate?

  Forklift Authorisation .

  A refresher delegate is somebody who has attended a course of basic training

  Operation on Roads .

  previously and under the requirement of the Approved Code of Practice, requires

  FLT Training Reference .

  refresher training.

  Forklift Training Stages .


1 Refresher = 1 day          2 Refresher = 1 day          3 Refresher = 1 day

  Online Shop .


  Instructor Vacancies .

  Assessment Only - Maximum of 3 delegates per day - Over 2yrs Experience
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