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  Forklift Pre-Use Operation Checks

  FLT Training Durations .        
  Forklift Types .   Pre-use checks are part of a forklifts maintenance schedule and should be
    carried out by the operator of the forklift truck.  The employer should identify
  FLT Training Links .   what needs inspecting on the forklift truck, this information is usually found
  FLT Training Law .   in the forklift operators manual also.
  Course Requirements .   The frequency of the checks should be decided by the employer but, it would
  Delegate Requirements .   be considered practical that the user inspects their machine before operating it
    to comply with 'Duty of Care for themselves' HASAWA 1974 (7).
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  Other Training .   Pre-use checks should be recorded in form format, any defects should be noted
  Make an Enquiry .   and then reported to the owner/employer, this helps aid routine & scheduled
  Contact Us .   maintenance that the employer is required to carry out (PUWER 1998).

  Pre Use Checks .

  If a fault is found and that fault jeopardises the safe operation of the machine

  Seat Belts on Forklifts .

  then the machine should not be used until the fault is repaired.  It is important

  Forklift Authorisation .

  that there is an effective reporting system of defects to aid the maintenance of

  Operation on Roads .

  the machine.

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  Forklift Training Stages .

  All forklift operators should receive training on pre-use checks.

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  CLICK HERE to download our free 'Pre-Use Check' sheet for all Lift Trucks

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